Visualpower published indoor P3 LED display with mask

From: Visualpower LED display    Time:06/15/2016 15:54:04

Visualpower has published Indoor P3 LED display with mask

As we all know indoor small pixel pitch led displays are hard to add the mask, limited to gap between lamps and heat problem. Now many companies do small pixel pitch HD LED displays below 3mm pixel pitch without masks. The first reason is that there is very small gap and hard to drive screws between lamps on the PCB, and the other problem is that P3 has high density of led lamps, one square meter has 111,111 pcs LED lamps, for long time running, when the display heats up, common plastic material LED display masks will deform, and looking sideways, the led display will have some black areas, which is because of the mask deformation. Visualpower after tried many materials and designs, now has developed the mask for P3 which is fixed to the PCB without screws and can ensure the heats after long term use and will not deform. This design makes the P3 LED display has better color uniformity and contrast ratio and also provides better protection to the LED modules and LED lamps. Now for all fixed and rental P3 indoor LED displays, we have applied this design. Here is the contrast of P3 moduels with and without masks. Visualpower-P3-indoor-led-display-module-mask P3-indoor-led-display-module-with-mask