Visualpower(HK)Co.,Limited has always made the technical support and after-sales service as the key points on closing the users' relationship and promoting the company' development. We have made a complete management system and working scheme. On users' training, it has a clear plan on the training content, training purpose, training way, training effect and training examining etc. On service, it has technical support consulting service, emergency situation service, maintenance response service, software updating service etc. On spare parts replacement, we have three points guarantied; one is that the flimsy spare parts should be provided; the second is that the spare parts quality is equal to that of the original products; finally the spare parts price is not higher than that of the original products.Meantime, we have point of sale where there are technicians and spare parts warehouse for expanding the market and strengthening the after sales service .

Pre-sales Service

  • 1. Site inspection
  • 2. Professional
  • 3. Confirmation of program

Installation and debugging

  • 1. Installation guidance
  • 2. Live debugging
  • 3. Confirmation of effect

In the sale of services

  • 1. System usage
  • 2. system maintenance
  • 3. Employee training

After sale service

  • 1. Quick response
  • 2. Timely settlement
  • 3. Safety usage
Service telephone
Pre-sale consultation: +86-755-33641168
Mobile phone(whatsapp): +86 018998904682