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Visualpower is specialized in all kinds of LED display design and manufacturing. All our management team members have years of experience in LED display structure and electronic system design. We are dedicated to bringing the state-of-art LED display technology to the media and AV rental market.

LED video bar media facade led display

All of our product designs are with consideration of the requirement of the actual event rental and advertising industry: easy to maintain, fast rigging, flexible LED display and creative design.

Our structure engineer can design any shape modules according the specific project, such as round LED display, LED globe display,cylinder shape, diamond shape, triangle shape, parallelogram shape, pentagon shape, christmas tree shape,  LED ring and so on. Then based on this structure design, our electronic system engineers can provide relevant control system solution.

So far we can make most of the irregular shaped LED display in the market. Also our design considers the total cost for customers as well as attracting structure.

Now our products are widely used for AV rental and stage design all around the world.

Give us your idea, and we can display it!



Competitive advantage No1.
13years experience in LED display development, production and
engineering; , according to ISO9001: 2008 management process.
Competitive advantage No2.
All of our products have passed quality and certification authority of CE, CCC. Especially, our led tubes are UL,TUV,CE, FCC approved
Competitive advantage No3.
Our LED Display have been sold to more than 80 countries and areas, such as USA, Germany, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Russia,


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